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These French firedogs have an impeccable pedigree

The firedogs made for the French couturier and collector Jacques Doucet are the epitome of art deco style

Susan Moore
16 Jun 2017

Summer season kicks off in London and Brussels

London Art Week returns to St James’s and Mayfair, while Old Master fair Paris Tableau is revived – in Brussels

Imelda Barnard
9 Jun 2017

In London’s salerooms, bigger is no longer better

Auction highlights this month include a dramatic plaster relief in Paris, and a diminutive but vibrant Van Gogh in London

Susan Moore
6 Jun 2017

As visceral a painting as you will ever encounter…

Max Beckmann's 'Bird's Hell', a terrifying vision of cruelty painted after he fled Nazi Germany, is to be sold at auction for the first time

Susan Moore
2 Jun 2017

The contemporary art market regains its swagger

Plus: major lots announced for the London modern art sales

Gabriel Berner
28 May 2017

Gilded glass from the world’s most glamorous ship

The legendary S.S. Normandie was lost to fire in the 1940s, but relics from its luxury interior survive – including these verre églomisé panels

Susan Moore
19 May 2017

The record-breaking rise of the Düsseldorf School

Prices are rocketing for photographs by Bernd and Hilla Becher and their students at the Kunstakademie Düsseldorf

Emma Crichton-Miller
18 May 2017

TEFAF makes its mark on New York

Plus: Dreweatts and Mallett sold, and dealers on the move in London

Gabriel Berner
14 May 2017

Modern masters lead the way in New York

Auction highlights this month include a Twombly masterpiece that has never appeared at auction before and a striking portrait by Picasso

Susan Moore
11 May 2017

When artists take on the art market

Many artists are uncomfortable about the perceived excesses of the market. But can they actually do anything about it?

Stephanie Dieckvoss
6 May 2017

Early maiolica has it all – even humour

These supposedly 'primitive' ceramics from late medieval and early Renaissance Italy are fresh, inventive and fun

Susan Moore
5 May 2017

TEFAF takes a contemporary turn in New York

Modern and contemporary art and design take centre stage at the first ever TEFAF New York Spring

Brook Mason
2 May 2017

May madness gets underway in New York

Plus: art fair shake-ups in Germany and an Ottoman art record in London

Gabriel Berner
28 Apr 2017

How UK institutions are benefitting from a quiet tax break

Many acquisitions at UK museums are made possible by a tax break that benefits both buyer and seller

Anastasia Tennant
26 Apr 2017

Highlights of Art Brussels

Like the city itself, the strength of this fair is in its variety

Digby Warde-Aldam
23 Apr 2017

The unsung beauty of Chinese cinnabar lacquer

Lacquer is an extemely difficult material to work with, but the results can be extraordinary

Susan Moore
21 Apr 2017

Who’s collecting German experimental prints?

There has always been a market for early 20th-century German prints, but it's constantly evolving as tastes and expertise change

Emma Crichton-Miller
19 Apr 2017

Battling for bragging rights ahead of the New York sales

The auction houses have announced their top lots for the May sales in New York

Gabriel Berner
17 Apr 2017

The Della Robbia that escaped disaster

This glazed terracotta roundel by Andrea della Robbia was made for a palace that was promptly destroyed

Susan Moore
7 Apr 2017

Contemporary British ceramics in a country barn

This is no country jumble of brown pots. The latest show at Messum's Wiltshire is a reminder of a great, evolving national tradition

Emma Crichton-Miller
5 Apr 2017

‘You can get real fireworks with pastels’

Why Impressionist and Post-Impressionist pastels are becoming increasingly attractive to art collectors of all sorts

Emma Crichton-Miller
3 Apr 2017

Picasso’s printmakers step into the spotlight

The Crommelynck brothers worked with the greatest artists of the 20th century to produce extraordinary prints, some of which will soon come to auction

Susan Moore
24 Mar 2017

TEFAF exhibitors report another fruitful fair

Early reported sales at TEFAF Maastricht were strong, particularly among Old Master dealers

Gabriel Berner
17 Mar 2017

Why everyone’s talking about forensics in the art market

Technical research offers assurances to private collectors – but they must exercise caution

Stephanie Dieckvoss
15 Mar 2017

The Virgin and Child who went under cover

The bizarre story of how an altarpiece by Hugo van der Goes was transformed into a marriage portrait of Henry VII and Elizabeth of York

Susan Moore
10 Mar 2017

Rothko, Richter and Rauschenberg star in London’s contemporary art auctions

Auction highlights this month include a surprisingly good group of American paintings at Christie's London

Susan Moore
6 Mar 2017

Ten highlights from the Armory Show

A run-down of the most talked-about pieces at this year's Armory Show in New York

Grace Banks
4 Mar 2017

The London auction season kicks off with strong sales

Overseas buyers drove high prices at London's Impressionist and modern sales

Gabriel Berner
3 Mar 2017

The rise of art business courses is a mixed blessing for the art trade

There are more art business courses than ever, but does the discipline need to define itself more clearly?

Anna Dempster
28 Feb 2017

David Hockney’s art used to be cheap as chips

In 1954, the young David Hockney made a lithograph of his local chippie and gave it to the owners. It hung above the fryer for years

Susan Moore
25 Feb 2017

Exploring Ghana’s growing art scene

Public funding for the arts in Ghana is practically non-existent, but a thriving network of artists and arts professionals is emerging

Stephanie Dieckvoss
16 Feb 2017

The growing market for Indian arms and armour

Exquisite pieces of Indian arms and armour are capturing the interest of international collectors

Emma Crichton-Miller
16 Feb 2017

A swashbuckling tale of trade and trickery

In 1804, a fleet of English merchant vessels fooled the French navy into retreat. Each captain was presented with an exquisite sword for their troubles

Susan Moore
10 Feb 2017

The melancholy grandeur of a 3D-printed mountain

Anya Gallaccio is building her own version of Wyoming's Devil's Tower in London, using a 3D printer. What does the work say about the relationship between man and nature?

Danielle Thom
8 Feb 2017

An epic Magritte is set to be the highlight of Christie’s ‘Art of the Surreal’ sale

Auction highlights this month include works by Morisot and Magritte at Christie's, and Sotheby's inaugural 'Erotic: Passion and Desire' sale

Susan Moore
8 Feb 2017

We can preserve elephants AND conserve art

This week's parliamentary debate on the UK domestic ivory trade revealed some serious misconceptions about antique ivory and those who study and sell it

Martin Levy
7 Feb 2017

Are artists’ estates too protective of artists’ reputations?

How far should estates seek to control public perceptions of an artist's life and work?

30 Jan 2017

Why US museums and the antiquities trade should work together

Are pragmatic reforms needed to revive an important field of collecting for US museums?

Gary Vikan
30 Jan 2017

Collectors remain enamoured with Limoges enamels

Vibrant and intricate Limoges enamels from the 12th century are increasingly hard to come by, but collectors are willing to spend

Emma Crichton-Miller
28 Jan 2017

Could hipsters save the antique furniture trade?

Antique furniture has been unpopular for years – but tastes are changing

Susan Moore
27 Jan 2017

How should museums respond to art smuggling scandals?

Despite all best efforts, museums can and do unwittingly acquire stolen artefacts. What happens when new information throws an item's provenance into doubt?

Victoria Reed
24 Jan 2017

Old Masters, new scandal, as a ‘Parmigianino’ painting is deemed a fake

As New York gears up for its Old Master sales, Sotheby's has declared a work it sold in 2012 a forgery after tests found modern pigments

Anna Brady
20 Jan 2017

Philip Guston’s Nixon drawings are a lesson in satire

It's hard not to draw parallels between Guston's biting caricatures of Richard Nixon and today's political climate

Hyunjee Nicole Kim
18 Jan 2017

Private collections may be a good thing for public institutions

In a time of increased uncertainty for public art institutions, museums are reevaluting their relationships with private collectors

Jo Baring
16 Jan 2017

Why the market for Outsider Art is booming in New York

Prices for Outsider Art are now close to matching those fetched by the mainstream

Susan Moore
15 Jan 2017

The sound artist making a call for resilience

James Webb's sound installations tackle difficult political, social and emotional issues with subtle immediacy

Clelia Coussonnet
12 Jan 2017

Art and humanity in the work of Paul de Monchaux

The sculptor discusses abstraction, music, architecture, carving kerb stones, and the 'common enterprise' at the heart of it all

Maggie Gray
9 Jan 2017

Art market predictions for 2017

Leading art market figures and auction house supremos make their predictions for the year ahead

Anna Brady
6 Jan 2017

Sotheby’s takes a risk on a potential Velázquez

A ‘bodegón' thought to be by Velázquez, a Tiepolo head study, and a stag-antler chair are just some of the highlights headed to auction this month

Susan Moore
5 Jan 2017

A tour around January’s art fair highlights

From British modern art, to antique rugs and Old Master drawings, there's something for everyone on the art fair circuit this month

Imelda Barnard
2 Jan 2017

The Old Masters stay fresh in London

The London Old Master sales may not have included any blockbuster paintings, but sales were strong for works fresh to the market

Anna Brady
17 Dec 2016

The commercial and critical rise of the Caravaggisti

Caravaggio's radical vision inspired a legion of followers across Europe, whose work is increasingly in the spotlight at museums and auction houses alike

Emma Crichton-Miller
13 Dec 2016

Christie’s offers the makings of a Burne-Jones masterpiece

Not one, but two groups of preparatory work for Edward Burne-Jones’s monumental painting 'The Golden Stairs' have made it into the same sale

Susan Moore
9 Dec 2016

A marvellous Murillo comes to Christie’s

Auction highlights this month include a masterful but unfashionable Murillo, and a captivating Egyptian sculpture of the lion-headed goddess Sekhmet

Susan Moore
5 Dec 2016

Optimism at Art Basel in Miami Beach

Dealers are optimistic that sales will be strong despite a more muted atmosphere than previous years; plus the latest art market news and comment

Anna Brady
2 Dec 2016

Why a sleeping hermaphrodite is causing a stir at Christie’s

Horace Walpole’s aunt once quipped that the hermaphrodite was ‘the only happy couple she ever saw’. A bronze variation on the theme comes to auction soon...

Susan Moore
28 Nov 2016

Does South Africa have what it takes to become a global art market hub?

With a new museum due to open in Cape Town soon, a growing gallery scene, and burgeoning international interest in contemporary African art, signs are good

Ivan Macquisten
24 Nov 2016

New York’s art market holds steady despite political upheaval

A look at the highlights at Sotheby's and Christie's - plus a major sale in Stockholm, and the latest from Abu Dhabi

Anna Brady
18 Nov 2016

Will Korean ceramics regain their value on the global market?

‘People put great stock in the history. Without it, these objects are worth much less.'

Emma Crichton-Miller
16 Nov 2016

The historic tortoiseshell work that is nothing short of a masterpiece

There are no better examples of piqué posé tortoiseshell in the world. How often may this be said of a work of art on the market?

Susan Moore
14 Nov 2016

Our guide to this month’s European art fairs and events

There's something for everyone as Cologne Fine Art, WIKAM, Art & Antique Hofburg and the Winter Art & Antiques Fair all open

Imelda Barnard
11 Nov 2016

David Bowie and Richard Attenborough’s art collections come to auction

A look at the star attractions at Sotheby's in London this November

Susan Moore
10 Nov 2016

Sotheby’s spreads its wings even further, plus the best of the autumn fairs

Sotheby's purchases the Mei Moses Art Indices; top sales from TEFAF New York; and early sales at Asian Art in London

Anna Brady
6 Nov 2016

The Asian Art in London Art Award: The Winners

Apollo presents the winners of this year's Asian Art in London Art Award

3 Nov 2016

Highlights from Artissima 2016

With over 190 galleries and a number of new initiatives, Artissima's 23rd edition promises to be bigger and better

1 Nov 2016

Flashback looks set to scale new heights in Turin

With an array of great works on offer, Flashback returns to Turin for what should be a triumphant fourth edition

1 Nov 2016

Art market review: the Biennale des Antiquaires returns to its roots

This year's fair was complemented by a strong edition of Parcours des Mondes

Susan Moore
1 Nov 2016

Asian Art in London shows just how quickly this market has developed

From neolithic objects to contemporary art, the diversity of works on offer at Asian Art in London shows just how far this market has come

Emma Crichton-Miller
31 Oct 2016

Asian Art in London Art Award: the shortlist

Apollo presents the shortlist for the Asian Art in London Art Award 2016

31 Oct 2016

The Chinese tea bowl that is a minor miracle

The highlight of the Asian art sales in London is a ceramic masterpiece that was created in China almost a thousand years ago

Susan Moore
30 Oct 2016

Why it’s boom time for the art insurance sector

With more art moving around the world than ever before, art insurance is now a huge business

Anna Brady
24 Oct 2016

Bigger and better: TEFAF and FIAC expand their horizons

TEFAF's expansion into New York has been the talk of the art world. Can it pull it off? Meanwhile, FIAC kicks off in Paris and Christie's marks 10 years in Dubai

Anna Brady
21 Oct 2016

Recognition at last for the women of Abstract Expressionism

'They told me I would be more successful if I was a man, French, or dead.'

Emma Crichton-Miller
20 Oct 2016

TEFAF takes its treasures across the Atlantic for the first time

The celebrated TEFAF art fair will opens its doors at New York's Park Avenue Armory this month. Susan Moore selects her highlights from the landmark event

Susan Moore
18 Oct 2016

The faces of antiquity in the sale rooms of New York

Christie's New York is offering two mummy portraits at auction this month. What do we know about these strange survivals from antiquity?

Susan Moore
14 Oct 2016

Neo Rauch and the carnival of European art

The German artist's work, finally on show in London, is an uprooted reunion of everything strange in the supposedly familiar tale of western art history

Maggie Gray
14 Oct 2016

Why are Louise Bourgeois’s webs and spiders so captivating?

The etchings and sculptures on show at Hauser & Wirth Somerset are at their most powerful when we stop trying to understand them

Gabrielle Schwarz
13 Oct 2016

Has Jeff Koons earned his place in art history?

With his Gazing Balls, Koons has created a body of work that appeals to the brain as well as the eyes

Jonathan McAloon
12 Oct 2016

London still leads the way – for now

The rich legacy of Leslie Waddington | Solo booths set the tone | New galleries in London | Adrian Ghenie and Pino Pascali lead at Christie’s | Frans Hals forgery sets tongues wagging

Anna Brady
9 Oct 2016

Around the galleries: art events across the globe this October

Frieze week tips; the best of FIAC in Paris; HIGHLIGHTS in Munich; and San Francisco's finest art and antiques

Imelda Barnard
4 Oct 2016

A look ahead at October’s art market highlights

London's PAD stands out among the Frieze week fairs; Christie's auctions works from Leslie Waddington's collection, while Sotheby's focuses on Islamic art

Susan Moore
3 Oct 2016

The art you shouldn’t miss at Frieze Masters this year

Highlights of this year's fair, from modernist photographs to ancient armour

Anna Brady
3 Oct 2016

Art market review: highlights of the July sales

Anyone scanning the headlines would have been impressed by the results of the 'classic art' auctions in London in July.

Susan Moore
2 Oct 2016

Gerald Laing’s giant girls are making a comeback

The British Pop artist is hot property at auction – and now there's a welcome exhibition of his work in London, too

Susan Moore
30 Sep 2016

Stepping out of Caravaggio’s shadow

Plus: Neo Rauch finally comes to London; John Wesley's odd eroticism; and Alighiero Boetti's monumental use of mementoes

Thomas Marks
24 Sep 2016

Saudi Arabia’s lost railway in Fitzroy Square

Plus: Virginia Chihota’s claustrophobic blast of colour; a surreal spectacle from James Richards at the ICA; and Suzanne Treister's sinister take on technology

Digby Warde-Aldam
24 Sep 2016

Lygia Pape’s fragile threads

Plus: The final painting of Francis West; Yinka Shonibare without his trademark fabric; and Paula Rego's first tapestry

Maggie Gray
24 Sep 2016

The quiet importance of Marisa Merz

Plus: Abstract expressionism outside the RA; Njideka Akunyili Crosby at Victoria Miro; Helen Marten's rise to stardom; and Philippe Parreno in the Turbine Hall

Imelda Barnard
24 Sep 2016

Smoking with Hockney and Tacita Dean

Plus: lining up the evidence at Michael Hoppen Gallery; Fausto Melotti's ingenious sculptures; and an unsung branch of the Bauhaus

Fatema Ahmed
24 Sep 2016

Fine Art Asia celebrates an exhilarating first decade

The week's round-up of the top art market stories: Fine Art Asia returns to Hong Kong and Sotheby's opens in Dubai

Anna Brady
23 Sep 2016

A golden opportunity to protect antique ivory

It's time to acknowledge, once and for all, that bona fide antiques are simply not a concern when it comes to tackling the illegal trade in African ivory

Martin Levy
20 Sep 2016

Should the art market be more transparent?

The art market needs to regulate itself better if it is to keep the legislators off its back

Ivan Macquisten
16 Sep 2016

Opulence and extravagance in Paris – and other auction highlights

From a Dutch Caravaggisti painting to 17th-century Chinese cabinets, here are our highlights from the art market this month

Susan Moore
10 Sep 2016

London’s art fair season begins – but with a few casualties

A round-up of this week's top art market stories: LAPADA and START Art Fair return to London, but Multiplied and Art16 are no more

Anna Brady
9 Sep 2016

September art fair highlights

London's LAPADA has a tempting range of offerings, while Fine Art Asia continues to thrive with impressive Chinese and Tibetan objects

Imelda Barnard
7 Sep 2016

How tea changed the history of the world

Nirmal Sethia talks about the Chitra Collection, one of the world's finest private collection of historical – and explains the true significance of tea

6 Sep 2016

The Biennale des Antiquaires is for serious collectors

With previously unseen paintings by followers of Bosch and works by leading 20th-century Spanish artists, the fair has upped its game

Emma Crichton-Miller
3 Sep 2016

From branding to Brexit: inside the Art Business Conference

Now in its third year, the event in London addresses some of the most pressing topics affecting the sector

Stephanie Dieckvoss
2 Sep 2016

Drop in the value of sterling attracts global buyers

June's auctions see works by Moore, Saville and Picardy exceeding expectations, while several museum-worthy pieces change hands

Susan Moore
1 Sep 2016

The market is hot for contemporary Chinese ink painting

Contemporary Chinese ink painting is the perfect middleground between the old and the new

Emma Crichton-Miller
30 Aug 2016

Serious business at Parcours des Mondes

The first ever exhibition of Tsogo land pieces and a hairpin made from Zulu ivory are among the highlights at Parcours des Mondes

Susan Moore
29 Aug 2016

New attributions for Brian Sewell’s Old Master drawings

A round-up of this week's top art market stories, including new attributions for drawings in Brian Sewell's collection and changes in Sotheby's shareholders

Anna Brady
26 Aug 2016

Restitution made easy? Germany rethinks how it deals with Nazi-looted art

Reforms to the Limbach Commission, which deals with restitution claims, are welcome – but they won't be enough

James Ratcliffe
17 Aug 2016

Sotheby’s second quarter results suggest shaky art market

Apollo’s regular round-up of art market headlines and comment. Visit Apollo Collector Services for expert advice on navigating the art market.…

Anna Brady
12 Aug 2016

Tribal art on its own terms

Originally associated with the modernist art of Picasso and Matisse, tribal art has experienced a surge in popularity with outstanding pieces now being valued as artworks in their own right

Emma Crichton-Miller
10 Aug 2016

What do auction house private sales mean for collectors and the art market?

What lies behind the growth of the auction house private sale, and what are its ramifications for collectors and the wider art market?

Anna Brady
4 Aug 2016

Acquisitions of the month: July 2016

Several US museums make major acquisitions this month, while the Bowes Museum gains a rare Dieric Bouts the Elder painting

4 Aug 2016

Chinese art market rises as the West drops back

Plus: Old Masters of the Old Masters on the move | Beatrix Potter at 150 | The Leslie Waddington Collection

Anna Brady
29 Jul 2016

Why do corporations collect art – and what should they do with it?

Forming a corporate art collection is easy, but keeping it together is hard – and selling it is even harder.

Alistair Hicks
28 Jul 2016

‘It’s you who now give expression to my thoughts’: Lygia Clark’s art in London

The Brazilian artist was relentlessly inventive, moving from abstract drawing to 'critter'-like sculptures and, ultimately, participatory works

Catherine Spencer
22 Jul 2016

Summer art fair highlights

From Italian art in Monaco to unusual tribal objects in London, this summer's art fairs have rich offerings

Imelda Barnard
18 Jul 2016

Optimism for the Old Masters

Our regular round-up of art market news and comment

Anna Brady
15 Jul 2016

The Art Institute of Chicago acquires superb Sebastiano del Piombo painting

The new acquisition, arranged with Colnaghi, testifies to just how productive the nurturing of museum-dealer relationships can be

Louise Nicholson
11 Jul 2016

Dutch connections and elaborate treasures at London’s auction houses

A look at some of the highlights at Christie's and Sotheby's this week

Susan Moore
5 Jul 2016

Celebrating Apollo at our summer party

Leading cultural figures turned out on Monday night for the Apollo summer party, which saw the launch of the new Apollo Collector Services portal

5 Jul 2016

How is London’s art market faring after the Brexit vote?

It's been a turbulent week, but the mood at London's auction houses and art fairs is cautiously optimistic

Anna Brady
1 Jul 2016

Don’t miss Dobson’s drawings at Daniel Katz gallery

The rough-and-tumble humanity of the modern British sculptor's sketches is refreshing to see

Maggie Gray
22 Jun 2016

Toned down and grown up: highlights from this year’s Masterpiece London

In six years, the fair has shaken off its early reputation for extravagance, but the works on show are as eclectic and enjoyable as ever

Anna Brady
21 Jun 2016

Art Basel strives to look beyond the exclusive world of the fair

This year's edition has a notably political edge, while the Art Basel organisation is working on wider cultural partnerships

Anna Brady
17 Jun 2016

Inspirational drawings from Delacroix to Auerbach go on display in London

Admiring a drawing is 'like looking over the artist's shoulder', says Stephen Ongpin

Anna Brady
15 Jun 2016

Monkey business comes to Art Basel

Guests at the art fair's private view on Monday are in for a wild night...

13 Jun 2016

The fall and rise of the second school of Paris

This loose group of European artists lost out to the American Abstract Expressionists in the 1960s. But are we seeing a revival of interest?

Emma Crichton-Miller
7 Jun 2016

Sonic spheres and ‘phallic variations’ at Art Basel

Who said art fairs prefer ‘safer’ pieces? What to expect from Art Basel...

James Cahill
6 Jun 2016

Five photography shows to see in New York this week

There are some great, focused shows open at the moment, from office-block abstraction to a difficult look at the impact of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict

Ratik Asokan
6 Jun 2016

International auction houses keep faith in Hong Kong

Anna Brady on Hong Kong sales, plus a round-up of the top art market headlines

Anna Brady
4 Jun 2016

What not to miss during London’s summer art season

Masterpiece London, Art Antiques London, London Art Week, and the Art & Antiques Fair, Olympia all return to the capital this year

Imelda Barnard
3 Jun 2016

The leading Lot at Christie’s this summer

Rubens's epic painting of Lot and his Daughters treats a morally ambiguous subject with great artistic subtlety. It's bound to do well at auction

Susan Moore
2 Jun 2016

‘This is the moment international attitudes to British art should change’

Christie's celebrates the great tradition of British painting this month

Susan Moore
2 Jun 2016

Would Brexit destabilise the art market?

Would a ‘leave’ vote spell disaster for the UK’s thriving art trade, or open up new opportunities to it? Two experts debate the question

31 May 2016

Acquisitions of the Month: May 2016

May's acquisitions include rare signed etchings by Picasso and photography by the Victorian pioneer Oscar Gustav Rejlander

30 May 2016

Antique ivory poses no threat to elephant conservation: in fact, it needs protection itself

Antiques dealers have cause for concern, but there's also an opportunity to broaden the debate...

Martin Levy
25 May 2016

Baldessari, Burtynsky and a lot of David Bowie at Photo London

It's the variety and range of photographs on show that will ultimately come to define the fair

Fatema Ahmed
18 May 2016

Will Picasso’s Cubist portrait live up to the auction-house hype?

The estimate is far short of the $100m+ prices notched up in recent years – but then this is a Picasso more cerebral than sexy

Susan Moore
18 May 2016

Around the galleries: what to watch out for this month

Collaboration is the order of the day in Brussels and Paris, where several art fairs are joining forces. Meanwhile, London gears up for Art16

Imelda Barnard
16 May 2016

Megan Piper and the young gallerists making their mark on London

The contemporary art gallerist's alliance with an antiques dealer epitomises the changing art world

Anna Brady
10 May 2016

Howard Hodgkin’s paintings get better and better

How strange that this great British painter claims to ‘hate painting’ when he is so good at it

Louise Nicholson
9 May 2016

Acquisitions of the Month: April 2016

The National Portrait Gallery and Pallant House both benefit from the acceptance in lieu scheme, while LACMA gets an impressive new haul

6 May 2016

Manuele Cerutti and the fine art of balancing

The everyday objects in Cerutti's Turin studio are transformed in his paintings: poised, precarious, and forever in suspense

Thomas Marks
5 May 2016

The final Spring Masters New York offers a glimpse of things to come

In 2017 Spring Masters will be reincarnated as one of two hotly anticipated TEFAF New York fairs. It’s hard not to see this year's event as a soft launch

Anna Brady
3 May 2016

Mitchell, Monet and the Master of Kasadi come to auction

Bacon, Warhol, Rothko...All the usual big-hitters appear in this month's blue-chip sales. For the sake of variety, here are a few other highlights

Susan Moore
1 May 2016

The growing craze for American folk art

Collectors love it for its graphic power – and Europe's growing interest in outsider art could widen the market

Emma Crichton-Miller
1 May 2016

Cracks, chance and Japanese philosophy: An interview with Bosco Sodi

The Mexican artist on the importance of artistic process and the arts charity he has set up in Mexico

Lowenna Waters
29 Apr 2016

Berlin’s wartime bunkers are becoming unlikely havens for art

Désiré Feuerle is the latest person to move his art collection underground

Matthew Sperling
28 Apr 2016

Painting steals the show at Art Cologne

Contemporary painting in Germany is flourishing, if the highlights of Cologne's art fair are anything to go by

Catherine Milner
14 Apr 2016

Sotheby’s sells ‘the handsomest man in Europe’

The elegant Bernard Boutet, medieval chess pieces and a vibrant, miniaturist Madonna feature in our preview of April's art market

Susan Moore
3 Apr 2016

What is Dada? (And how much is it worth?)

Dada 'anti-art' works are deliberately contradictory. They're also notoriously unpredictable when they come to market

Emma Crichton-Miller
3 Apr 2016

Winners and losers in the giddy melee of Art Basel Hong Kong

Key talking points and selfie-stops from this year's fair, which was as much of a cultural melting pot as ever

James Cahill
30 Mar 2016

For devotees of drawings: highlights of Salon du Dessin

Salon du Dessin attracts the world's most committed drawings collectors. What should they look out for this year?

Anna Brady
21 Mar 2016

Contemporary wounds at the heart of TEFAF

The curator of 'Show your Wound' discusses his thorny choice of subject and changing ideas

Maggie Gray
10 Mar 2016

A more sensible market for post-war and contemporary sales

But it's far from doom and gloom

Anna Brady
12 Feb 2016