Collection management

A collection requires well-rounded management and constant care. There are practical and logistical aspects of maintaining an art collection from inventory location updates, to condition reports and to insurance and financial records that need to be considered. Full collection records are important for art owners and also for ancillary providers like insurance companies and art lenders who always request comprehensive information on art pieces.

Collection management often includes:

  • comprehensive cataloguing
  • location updates
  • photography
  • commissioning valuation reports
  • commissioning condition reports
  • maintaining financial records
  • exhibition and literature updates
  • insurance records

One of the most efficient ways to manage art inventory is to use a Collection Management System (CMS). A CMS is designed to simplify and improve the organisation and management of any size collection of artworks and other valuable assets. By creating a single repository of all the key data for every object in a collection, the job of a dedicated collector, collection manager, art advisor or curator can be dramatically simplified. An online collection management system can be accessed whatever your location, so in the event you quickly need to generate a complete report of what you own and where it is located, whether for an insurance claim or otherwise, you can do so from wherever you are.


Apollo Collection Management System

Apollo Collector Services, in association with New York based Collector Systems LLC, now offer access to their highly regarded cloud based collection management solution. Collector Systems have been providing collection management services to private collectors, public and private institutions and Fortune 500 companies since 2004.


The Apollo CMS (powered by Collector Systems) is cloud-based and accessible securely through a standard web browser from anywhere in the world. It does not require any installation on a PC or other computer and offers state-of-the-art security and automatic backups. It can handle collections of any size and allows multiple users to access a collection if required. Dedicated iPad and iPhone apps allow you to access your collection on the move.

The CMS is ideal for the following users:

  •  private collectors
  •  art dealers
  •  art advisors
  •  appraisers
  •  family offices
  •  trust and estate lawyers
  •  shippers and storage providers
  •  foundations, institutions and non-profits
  •  corporations and corporate archives
  •  museums, historic houses and archives

Once the CMS contains all the key information about every object, the following common tasks which are time-consuming and laborious to do manually, can be easily automated and simplified:

  • insurance management – automating insurance renewals and re-valuation schedules
  • risk management – simplifies regular reporting and reviewing of risk assessments and disaster recovery planning
  • valuation reporting – production of detailed and summary reports for accounting or taxation purposes
  • logistics – simplifies communication with shippers and packers
  • museum Loans – automates and simplifies communications with actual and potential borrowing institutions
  • financial services – facilitates communication with financial service providers
  • conservation and research – allows approved conservators and researchers access to detailed object information when required
  • inventory management – allows easy detailed and summary reporting of all objects, their values and their locations

One Month Trial Offer

Try out the state-of-the-art online Apollo Collection Management System (CMS) with its dedicated iPhone and iPad apps, absolutely free for one month and we will also send you a complimentary copy of the next issue of Apollo.

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The Apollo CMS is powered by Collector Systems, the leading online collection management solution.

Apollo brings to you the leading cloud-based collection management solution

  • Easy-to-use online collection management system
  • Accessible from anywhere
  • No hardware to install
  • Advanced data security and automatic backups
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