Apollo Collector Services can help identify the best channel and time to sell. Collectors can benefit from our impartiality, discretion and knowledge of global buyers, be they private or institutional. Private sales are often favoured by those seeking discretion and anonymity. We can help:
  • negotiate private transactions by harnessing their exclusive network of buyers and market knowledge
  • provide a sales strategy for miscellaneous collections by considering the best channel of sale on a piece-by-piece basis to achieve the most successful outcome for the seller
  • act as seller’s agent at auction, negotiating private treaty and/or auction terms where appropriate

Case Study

A seller had an eclectic collection of 10 works to sell; a mixture of Old Masters, Impressionist, modern and contemporary. The advisor was able to provide a bespoke sales strategy, identifying the pieces that would be more suited for private sales to those better placed in museum collections or at auction.

The advisor handled all aspects of the sales process and the collection was sold piecemeal over a period of six months. The advisor was able to cut significant costs for the seller, by charging a competitive fee for private sales and negotiating a reduced seller’s premium at auction whilst achieving solid sales returns thanks to a tailored strategy.

If you have any questions or would like to know more about the services we offer, please contact us and we will get back to you