Undertaking rigorous due diligence on the acquisition and sale of artworks is vital to ensure buyers and sellers are protected from risk and costly errors. Advisors can assist with:
  • academic and provenance research
  • authentication and/or attribution support by contacting the relevant expert, committee or institute to provide expertise and/or certification for a particular work of art
  • international loss and theft searches
  • suitable conservators for the production of detailed condition reports
  • specialist art lawyer recommendations

Case Study

A collector with an unpublished work on paper from a celebrated artist she had inherited sought assistance to overcome the sales challenges associated with limited provenance and lack of authentication.

Her advisor conducted the academic research, checked condition with the appropriate restorer, produced professional photography and liaised with the authentication board, who were able to correct mistakes in past provenance and identify prestigious past owners. The board not only established that the work had been missing but that stylistically it was an important addition to the artist’s oeuvre and was to be included in the forthcoming catalogue raisonné. With the advisor’s assistance, the work was then sold to a notable US museum.

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