Apollo Collector Services can help build unique corporate collections of varying budgets and with brand vision. Corporate collecting has evolved over the last two decades to become not only the preserve of large corporations such as JP Morgan or Deutsche Bank but that of smaller companies who have come to understand the benefits of creating a meaningful collection in the workplace with educational and event possibilities. We can help by:
  • accessing exclusive artworks from galleries, artists' studios or private collections at preferential rates
  • handling all acquisition research and due diligence
  • creating and maintaining collection management inventories
  • assisting with all logistics in an appropriate and cost-effective way
  • helping to formulate educational, philanthropic and/or promotional programmes

Case Study

A new hedge-fund in London with offices in the Middle East sought to acquire a collection of contemporary art to reflect its interests in the Gulf.

Advisors were able to build a collection of mixed media within a pre-defined budget.  Artworks were catalogued in a collection management system and advice was given on how the collection could be used within the company’s event schedule. There was a series of lectures, dinners and drinks events focusing on the collection which served not only to entertain new clients but to attract good press.  The success of these London art events also prompted a series of travelling shows to other company outposts.

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