Art advisory

Today’s art market is confusing and unpredictable. Apollo Collector Services can assist both new and established collectors to navigate through these complexities – from offering impartial and judicious advice on the buying and selling of works of art to assisting with due diligence procedures and the management and cataloguing of single artworks or entire collections. Advisors can assist in building meaningful corporate collections and help collectors reach their philanthropic goals. Art Advisory Services include:

  • Acquisitions: assisting new and established collectors with growing their collections
  • Sales: identifying the best channel and time to sell and negotiating transactions
  • Auctions: handling and representing the buyer or seller at auction
  • Corporate Collections: helping build unique corporate collections with brand vision in mind
  • Due Diligence: undertaking rigorous due diligence on the acquisition and sale of artworks
  • Governance and Logistics: assisting with the practical aspects of managing and protecting an art collection
  • Philanthropy: helping to realise a collector's philanthropic vision
  • Valuations: offering an independant valuation service for individual artworks or collections


Building a collection requires passion, confidence and patience and should be supported by rigorous research

Art valuations

Every collector needs to have an up to date valuation for their collection whether that be for insurance, take or sales purposes


Collectors often engage with auction houses through intermediaries who can provide a layer of privacy and negotiate better terms

Corporate collections

Corporations seeking to develop art collections need to match their brand and budget with a clear and unique vision

Due diligence

When buying or selling works of art, it is important that they are assessed appropriately and that transactions are supported by rigorous due diligence

Governance and logistics

Art collections have practical requirements that need to be met, from insuring works adequately to choosing a secure storage location


Philanthropy and art have always shared a reciprocal relationship through loans to museums and the establishment of not for profits


Choosing the right channel and negotiating with buyers in an efficient way should be at the core of any sale